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Privacy Statement



J Tec Pc Repairs is a computer repair and support company. The aim of this document is to ensure that clients understand what data we store on them and for what purpose.


What we store


We store data on current, past and future clients. The data we store is limited to.

 Names, first and last

 Phone Numbers, landline and mobiles

 Addresses

 Passwords (Only whilst we are actively working for a client)

 Email / Account information (Only whilst we are actively working for a client)


Any data that we hold on regular customers who have an agreement with us will be kept either securely with a password, or paper copy will be kept in a locked filing cabinet/cupboard.


All our client data is secured by a password and is accessible from a computer that is also password protected and encrypted.


Stored data is used primarily for contact with the client. From time to time we may contact the client to follow up jobs or sales.




We never collect any information from visitors to our websites. We have a contact form that emails the information to us, none of this is stored elsewhere other than in the email that gets sent.


Mailing lists


J Tec PC Repairs currently do not take part in any email or postal mail marketing. Any future email marketing will be an opt-in service.


Data retention


Some jobs require us to backup data onto one of the J Tec PC Repairs Hard disks/ Data Server. With the sole purpose of restoration, either onto a new Hard drive or other media. For the purpose of client wellbeing, we store these backups for a maximum of 30 days. After this time, they will be wiped securely from the

device on which they are held.


Any data that is stored by J Tec PC Repairs will be stored on a password protected device and will be kept securely at all times when not in use.


The client will be asked to sign a form if we intend on copying data. They will need to give consent for us to transfer their data. The client will also be given the opportunity to say no to any data retention. See

Appendix A


Client Data


Some jobs require us to remove broken hard drives from client’s devices, although we will always offer the faulty equipment back to the client, we are usually left with it. Hard drives/memory pens and CD’s should be securely destroyed either by.


 Physical destruction

 Secure wiping (with certificate of destruction from a certified destruction company)


If hardware is given to us with the intention of J Tec PC Repairs reusing it. The disks will be securely wiped using software that will pass through the disk no less than 10 times.


To keep our client’s data safe, J Tec PC Repairs agrees to change its passwords every 180 days.




J Tec PC Repairs records 24-hour CCTV in its stores for the sole purpose of crime prevention. The recordings will never be released, unless to an authorised authority such as local authorities (Police) or our insurance company. CCTV will never be shared or used for entertainment purposes.


Legal Requirements


1.1. Registration


J Tec PC Repairs must be registered as a Data Controller on the Data Protection Register held by the Information Commissioner.


1.2. Information for Data Subjects


In order to comply with the fair processing requirements of the DPA, J Tec Pc Repairs will inform clients of the data they collect, process and hold on them, the purposes for which the data is held and any the third parties that might hold data on them. This privacy notice will available on the website at and in paper format from their stores.

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