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Tablet Repairs

At J Tec PC Repairs we carry out a range of repairs on tablets with Apple iPads being the most common device we repair. We do offer repairs for less common tablets to, such as Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS, Archos, Bush and Huawei.

We repair...

Damaged screens

Charging ports

Battery replacements

Wi-Fi issues

Headphone jacks

O/S reinstall

Please loads more!

Apple iPads are repaired in store and repairs a usually turned around by the next working day.

For more complex repairs such as liquid damage or IC work, we require a bit more time and you will be advised upon booking in the equipment of time scale required.

Repairs on tablets come with a 90-day warranty!

If you need a quote please do get in touch

For a Tablet Repair Quote - Drop us a message!
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