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Terms and Conditions of services provided by JTec PC Repairs

by using J Tec PC Repairs, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions set out below.

  • Data and software backup is always the responsibility of the customer. No liability can or will be assumed for missing data/software.

  • SIM cards and SD cards should always be removed from devices by the customer, no liability will be taken by J Tec PC repairs for loss or damaged to said cards.

  • Software programs, e.g. Microsoft Office, will only be reinstalled if the customer can provide original installation files and activation codes/licences.

  • Operating systems will only be reinstalled if the customer can provide the original authentication licence for the software, as per Microsoft’s terms and conditions.

  • Restore/format packages are completed with no warranty or guarantee due to the nature of the job – i.e., software is user controlled and as such we cannot guarantee what a user may or may not do on leaving the shop.

  • Any equipment not collected within 6 months of the customer being advised it is ready for collection will be disposed of to recover costs and/or free up space being taken up.

  • Customers will be given a job sheet upon booking any equipment in for repair. All property left will be logged on the job sheet and no liability will be taken for missing equipment unless noted on the original job sheet.

  • No discounts from our various discount schemes can be applied to any work being carried out by our third-party engineers, i.e. phones, games consoles,

  • Upon booking in any equipment for repair or inspection, we offer no guarantee as to how long this may take. In the instance where third-party companies are employed, e.g. for Phones, Console repairs etc. it may take in some instances up to 14 business days for completion. If this time may be exceeded, we will try and offer some time frame as to how long. Where possible, upon booking we will try and offer some guidance on the timeframe, however, given the nature of repairs/parts/varying makes and models, this is not always possible, and liability will not be taken for the difference between what is expected and what is reasonable.

  • In the first instance of any complaints, please come into the shop and speak with the owner. Any complaints will be investigated, and we will always try to reach a suitable, yet reasonable agreement.

  • If you still remain dissatisfied, please put your complaint in writing.

  • Refunds will only be offered on parts should they prove to be faulty and are subject to a 20% handling fee/restocking fee.

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